Friday, September 25, 2009

No Way Out?

Anybody remember the Kevin Costner movie "No Way Out" from 1987? I think Obama is the same character as Kevin played, only under a different alias. You see, the shock ending in No Way Out was when Costner's character met his real handlers, the KGB, and the handlers said "go ahead and speak the mother tongue. You have held it in so long I can imagine how your tongue aches to speak it freely" or something like that.

You see, Obama is doing Russia's bidding by dropping that missile shield and throwing Poland under the bus. He was more or less raised by Frank Marshall Davis, a spy and organizer for the Soviets in Hawaii, he sought out radical and marxist associations throughout college, and it is clearly evident that his lies are designed to hide his real agenda; the socialization of the US and implementation of a fascist state.

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