Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 steps to tyranny: An Examination

Step I: “Us and Them”

Step one is when a group can divide the people by emphasizing differences, such as color of skin, ethnicity, ideology, physical characteristics, etc. President Bush used our disgust of the Taliban to start 2 wars and use the wars to have his cronies grow richer and richer. Now here we are 9 years later and the mess is still not cleaned up. I was for them initially, but enough is enough. The passing of the Patriot Act as a consequence of the attacks on 9-11 was the point that tyranny in the U.S. started in earnest. Right now, President Obama and the congressional leaders are in the process of dividing our country based on ideological differences, e.g. conservative vs. progressive. You can see this the way the administration refers to constitution-loving patriots as “tea-baggers” a pejorative sexual term. He also showed his disdain to Constitution loving Americans by saying that we “cling to out bible and guns”

Mr. Obama is blaming the current financial situation on current Republican congressional member, saying they are responsible because they will not go along with his socialist agenda. In actuality, the republicans have no power to stop this march toward socialism, as they do not have enough votes to override a veto. The only thing they can try to do, with no success guaranteed, is to filibuster. But if the democrats have enough votes to bring cloture, the filibuster is not an option; Case in point, the Healthcare Reform Bill. We see increased media attacks on tea-party groups as well, some of them uttering the foulest names on the air, which in earlier days would have the FCC take their license based on indecency standards. Please view the exposé on the five steps to tyranny in each section.

Step II: “Obey”

Obeying orders are instilled in us at an early age. The second step includes how human nature can make common people into cold-hearted killers based on the regime’s earlier separation of the groups, with one group in power and the other in authority. In conjunction with the constant diatribes in propaganda against the oppressed group, that is how, in Nazi Germany, dentists, lawyers and other blue collar folks felt at ease in shooting Jews in the head as they were placed in a queue for execution. Look at the Albanians and Serbs, where the ethnic Serbs performed “ethnic cleansing”. Look at Rwanda and the Hutu and Tutsis. As it states in the video, there have been more killings based on obeying order than not obeying orders. Look at the Nuremburg Trials where so many of the Nazi butchers said the were “just obeying orders”

Step III : Do Them Harm

“Do them harm” can be described as resulting in the combination of the dominant group and the tendency to obey orders. It is shown that as long as the person that is to inflict harm on the subordinate group has the assurance that the blame will be accepted by the authority, they will obey the orders to afflict harm. The small steps that it takes to ramp up to the level of aggression needed to kill an individual in incremental over time. This can be done by propaganda, peer pressure, willingness to belong to a group, etc. over time. At the climax, the leaders of the dominant group will incite fear into the dominant group that lessens the humanity of the subordinate group. We have not seen this to date in the U.S., but as our liberties are taken away little by little, it will be easy for the current regime to start propagandizing communist ideals about the “collective” and its evil non-Utopian ideals. This could be done by the current bill on congress that would give Obama the means to disconnect the U.S. Internet with the flip of a switch for avoidance or “terrorist cyber attacks”, when in actuality the bill states that he can do it any time he pleases. In addition, the current cable and network news outlets are almost totally left-leaning. If the “Fairness Doctrine” becomes law again the current alternative media would become impotent. If this comes to fruition, propaganda could easily be put in place.

Step IV: Stand By (Apathy)

“Standing by” can be described as the psychological effect where some people will resist the authority, but the other half would be apathetic and not want to become involved. Take for example the townspeople near German concentration camps, where they smelled the sickly-sweet smell of death and saw the smoke from the incinerators and did nothing about it. Once the regime has oppressed decent, it is easy to implement their evil plans.

Step V: Exterminate

The ability of ordinary people to do evil acts is a part of our psychology. Suspending morality and abandoning their belief systems and beginning to take on a group identity, i.e., “the collective”, “the communists”, “the Nazis”, “the Khmer Rouge”, etc. is the point where common people had transformed their mindset through group identity, propaganda, peer pressure, etc. to that of a robotic killer of friends, neighbors and school mates.

Summary: Viewing these short videos, you can see where it would not be hard for an administration that has all the executive, legislative and judicial (activist judges) branches under their control could implement these steps in a short time. We all have to become aware of these steps so that we can resist tyranny and allow freedom to return to our beloved nation. Bush’s administration was tyrannical, but Obama is Bush on acid.