Friday, September 25, 2009

No Way Out?

Anybody remember the Kevin Costner movie "No Way Out" from 1987? I think Obama is the same character as Kevin played, only under a different alias. You see, the shock ending in No Way Out was when Costner's character met his real handlers, the KGB, and the handlers said "go ahead and speak the mother tongue. You have held it in so long I can imagine how your tongue aches to speak it freely" or something like that.

You see, Obama is doing Russia's bidding by dropping that missile shield and throwing Poland under the bus. He was more or less raised by Frank Marshall Davis, a spy and organizer for the Soviets in Hawaii, he sought out radical and marxist associations throughout college, and it is clearly evident that his lies are designed to hide his real agenda; the socialization of the US and implementation of a fascist state.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why this blog?

I named this blog "Fear of the Founding Fathers" because I wanted a two-fold message: One, that We the People still have the power granted to us by the Constitution to take back our government from this brink of the pit of certain tyranny, and two, that our Founding Fathers held a fear that Tyranny would occur if the checks and balances were not in place in the executive, judicial and legislative branches.

It seems that these days the Founder's Fears were Well Founded, as we have not seen this level of an assault on our freedoms since the Founding of this country. Please join me in fighting the encroachment of socialism into our country.

Open Letter to Madam Chairman Nancy Pelosi

Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi
United States Congress
Washington, DC 20515

Dear M
adam Speaker:

It has just come to me why as the first female US Speaker of the House of Representatives, the decorum of the office mandated that an honorific title be bestowed upon you as you were elected by the house members to your current position as Speaker of the House.

However, I believe that this title has a different meaning. You see, I see you not as an honorable statesperson that represents the citizens of the United States, but as the "madam" of a house of ill repute full of Obama's whores. These whores trade influence with the "Anointed One" in return for communist party-favors. Obama's whores who have sold out this country to marxist and communist and fascist ideals like the auto bailouts, cash for clunkers, AIG and bankers bailouts, Cap and Trade, Healthcare reform, and a litany of leftist agenda items that have been on the wish lists of 60's radicals since the 1960's. They do this as a ruse to hide their real agenda; that of turning this great nation into a soviet-style state with centralized power under Obama.

Like any whorehouse, congress needs to be cleaned out and the fascists and communists/socialist should be sent to prison for high treason and term limits instated so that these leftist don't have another chance to wreak havoc on our society, our country, and our Constitution!


Tim Denton